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Highly Recommend!!!

January 26, 2024

Jeremy is truly an outstanding instructor, bringing a remarkable level of skill and a wonderful blend of patience and approachability that made the class incredibly enjoyable. The mix of online and in-person elements, guided by Jeremy’s expertise, created a learning environment that felt comfortable and accommodating. His knowledge is not only impressive but complemented by a flexibility that was genuinely appreciated.

The AHA learning method applied in the class proved to be remarkably effective. The concise and targeted videos, along with interactive questioning, crafted by AHA, contributed to a dynamic and engaging learning atmosphere. This method promoted self-assessment, allowing me to measure my understanding and revisit any challenging concepts. The ability to replay and review material was invaluable, ensuring a solid comprehension.

In the second part of the course, under Jeremy’s guidance, the pace, simplicity, and precision of the lessons were truly impressive. The combination of the AHA learning method and Jeremy’s teaching style resulted in an efficient and captivating learning experience overall.

Lauren C

Totally satisfied

December 27, 2022

I really enjoyed this class because it’s partially online and Jeremy also comes to you for the test review and test. He’s very flexible with scheduling also. I really liked the AHA learning method. You’re asked questions based on your knowledge. You listen to these short simple videos and modules that go straight to the point the AHA asks questions and they ask if you think you know it or not, if you answer the question wrong then you review everything again and go over the question again, basically until you understand. Loved how fast, simple and precise the second part with Jeremy was as well.

Carol Marmolejo


November 29, 2022

So professional and dedicated , Jeremy gives you such a great accommodations , excellent communication and really helpful. Helps you understanding all the material . Highly recommend!!

Johanna Narvaez


November 19, 2022

Jeremy is a great instructor! He made sure you understood the skills and why they are so important. He is very flexible with scheduling as well!


BLS Certification

November 19, 2022

Jeremy is a 5 star instructor . He’s flexible, approachable, and passionate about teaching. He makes you understand the content in depth.

Raquel Elshafie