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This Law Applies To All Restaurants, Bars, Theaters and Fitness Facilities

In order to promote a quicker response to Cardiac Arrests in a public venue New York State Law & Department of Health Regulation requires that all restaurants, bars, theaters and health clubs have a CPR Kit within easy access in case of an emergency. The full text of the law is accessible by clicking the link above but in order to comply with the New York State Regulation you must have:

  • Two (2) FDA-Approved Adult Exhaled Air Resuscitation Masks
  • Two (2) FDA-Approved Pediatric (Child) Exhaled Air Resuscitation Masks
  • Four (4) Pairs of Disposable Gloves
  • Information Label On The Equipment


Along with the physical CPR Kit New York State also requires that you place a sign within Patron View stating where the sign is kept and how they can receive CPR Training. The notice must be CLEAR and CONSPICUOUS to ALL patrons when entering the facility OR shortly after being entering or being seated. 


CPR by Jeremy will provide you with all the items needed (a fully stocked CPR Kit) and the appropriate signage to display at your location. You may also wish to consider having some of your staff trained in Heartsaver CPR, one of the American Heart Association Courses we offer at CPR By Jeremy. While New York State does not require this it is highly recommended that your staff know CPR so they can help in the event of an emergency at your location.