Welcome To CPR by Jeremy’s Blog


As you’ve probably noticed, we redesigned our website to improve both its functionality and aesthetic view. We also added this section to blog and post articles relevant to the medical community and lessons that could help our students learn how to make a difference. Our blog will be updated regularly and will keep you informed on the latest information effecting the medical community. It is our hope that through regular blog posts, we can keep our readers informed of the most current information available to us. However, the information you find on here will not only be useful to those with a medical background but also to those who want to know how to make a difference in someone’s life.

“Life is Why” is one of the new slogans being utilized by the AHA to discuss why we should strive to live longer and healthier lives. However, this could also be turned around to relate into why you want to learn to how to save a life. Think about it – Everyone has a “Why” with regards to what made them want to learn how to make a difference, how to save a life! Whether it was a requirement for work, school, or simply because of an event within your life, it’s important to remember this event and remember that you’re prepared to act if you are needed to. No matter what your “Why” is, it’s important to realize that your “Why” could be the reason that saves someones life!

So as we conclude this initial blog entry, I encourage all of our readers to comment their “Why” below – Complete the following phrase “_______ is Why” with regards to why you learned, or want to learn how to make a difference. Even more importantly also let us know what’s encouraging you to live a healthier and better life!