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Did you know that after a person goes into Cardiac Arrest their chances of survival decreases by 10% for every minute they are not breathing? This is why EARLY CPR and EARLY DEFIBRILLATION are KEY when it comes to possible survival and it all starts with YOU!

Learning CPR, First Aid, or any other training course we offer only takes a few hours, but those few hours of training could make a huge difference in the person you help. It could even mean the difference between life and death in certain situations! Imagine the feeling knowing that YOU made a difference in someone's life!

​CPR By Jeremy offers classes accredited by
The American Heart Association and by The American Safety and Health Institute. Our classes can be offered as private sessions or group classes and can be held at YOUR location and at a time convenient for you or your group.

If you are interested in more information or are ready to enroll in a class contact us today by calling 845-444-CPR1 (2771), e-mailing, or by filling out our Course Information Request Form

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Top 6 Reasons To Learn CPR

6. 80% of Cardiac Arrests Occur at Home, you could save a

    Family Member's Life!

5. The chances of survival from sudden cardiac arrest 

    decreases 10% for each minute someone is not

     breathing or not receiving help. The quicker CPR is

     started - The better the odds the victim has!

4. Victims of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest who receive

     CPR from bystanders are more than twice as likely

     to survive as victims who do not receive CPR.

3. You'll learn how to help someone whose choking.

2. ​You'll have a greater knowledge on how to make a difference & even add years to someones life

1. You'll "Know What To Do When Seconds Count"

Because CPR Can Save A Life!​